A Story

I have been working on my giant bear painting and noodling around on some other projects so I think it is pretty safe to say that my Daily Drawings project has been shelved for awhile. Perhaps I’ll pick it up later on in the spring?

For now here is a little comic that I made about two buildings.

A Story 1

Oh No! Daily Drawing Off The Rails

I have been working of a giant (for me) canvas for about a year now. Poking at it when I can, spending whole days on it when I really can. After a long hiatus resulting from a big commission followed by a serious bout of the January blahs I am back at it and I am really enjoying working on it.

For now I am just going to run with it and I feel like my Daily Drawing will probably be more like a “Random Sometimes Drawing” for awhile.

Here is a (really terrible, sorry) WIP photo of the canvas so far. It’s 5ft x 4ft and I am working strictly using a Zorn palette (cad red, ivory black, titanium white, and yellow oxide) as I wanted to play with a really limited palette for this piece. It’s so tempting to reach into my paint box for other, easier colours but so far I have managed to be strong.


Daily Drawing – January 25


Jan 25

Daily Drawing – January 23

The bird who lulls the worm into a false sense of security by pretending to be asleep gets the worm.

Jan 23

Daily Drawing – January 21

I started a new contract with the Alzheimer Society of Calgary today while my Grandmother, who is facing dementia, was getting settled in her new care facility. It made me think about how we all seem to slip away in one way or another.

Jan 21


Daily Drawing – January 20

Merle cannot even begin to express how utterly delighted he is that you have chosen to visit the basement this evening.

Jan 20

Daily Drawing – January 18

Walter, the Very Small Monk of Things-I-Meant-To-Do-This-Weekend-But-Didn’t-Because-Time-Simply-Got-Away-From-Me, would like to present you with the Key to Monday Morning.

Jan 18

Daily Drawing – January 17

I only recently discovered how great cows are (as friends, not food) and now I am a little obsessed with them.

Jan 17

Daily Drawing – January 16

Experimenting with drawing hares tonight.

Jan 16

Daily Drawing – January 15

Hank is not amused by my earlier plans to make an “olive you guys so much” joke. Thanks for saving me, and the world, from my non-hilarious joke Hank.