easter photo

I was scanning photos for my Grandmother's memorial this weekend and found this one:


No idea where that duck came from but I look like I am willing to defend it to the death.

experimental goldfish

I recently decided to revisit working with gouache (I usually work in watercolour and ink) and have been having a lot of fun getting to know it again. I am particularly enjoying how the paint flows - not quite acrylic and not quite watercolour - and being able to lay opaque colours on top of each other (this is the biggest adjustment after ink/watercolour).

I am not enjoying what it does to my brushes though, I had forgotten how it chews them up. Guess I'll be investing in some new brushes soon.

Here is my experiment from today:


I love looking at goldfish - especially the fancy flowy ones - but when I paint them or draw them I almost always make all of the details too specific which definitely takes away from their feeling of weightlessness. Making this was fun, and a great way to poke harder at gouache, but I definitely need to spend more time on them.

crow in progress

Spending a lot of time painting tiny shifts in value on this crow. She’s coming along slowly though. 


I picked up some Acryla gouache this morning and it is fantastic. The primary black is so rich and dark - even when it has dried. I really love it so far.

And, if you have ever drawn (or even looked hard at) a bird and not wondered at how they are actually very small, feathered dinosaurs then you are seriously missing out.